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Slide Printer

Category: Printers Cassette/Slide

Primera’s Signature Slide Printer can significantly increase the efficiency of your lab while helping to reduce the risk of misidentification of specimens. It prints directly onto slides, eliminating handwriting or expensive, difficult to apply labels. You can print text, graphics and logos along with linear and 2D bar codes on every slide you process.


Innovation at a New, More Affordable Price

Even with its high-resolution, full-color printing capabilities, Signature costs less than all other monochrome-only slide printers currently available. For the first time, you can afford to de-centralize slide printing and put an on-demand, direct-to-slide printer at each workstation. You’ll reduce the chance of errors, have a more efficient workflow and save time and money by inventorying only white frosted slides


Several Configurations Available
Printers are available for 3rd party integration as well as in complete, stand-alone systems which include printer, PTLab™ SE software, scanner, keyboard, mouse and mini-PC.


Key Features and Benefits:

• On-demand, black or color printing

• Reduce inventory and purchasing activity – your inventory of

  multiple colors of slides is eliminated since you can now print

  colors on white frosted slides

• Prints directly onto slides – eliminates handwriting or difficult to

  apply labels

• Small footprint – fits perfectly at the workstation

• Slides are stored in easy-to-load cartridges – away from dust

  and other potential contaminants

• PTLab Software – template-driven software ensures that the exact

  information you require on the slides gets printed every time; also

  allows configurable input/output data streams to LIS systems

• Chemical-resistant ink – ensures reliable identification of slides

   now and for years in the future

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