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Optional PTLab™ Software

Category: Printers Cassette/Slide

Optional PTLab™ Software 


PTLab Software was designed by Primera specifically for use with the Signature Slide Printer. It can be installed on any Windows XP/Vista/7 PC, including Primera's optional all-in-one touch-screen PC. With PTLab, you'll be up and running and printing full-color slides in just minutes.

First, the lab administrator designs templates that define the information that is required on the slides including fixed and variable fields. The print area is completely customizable. Or, you can choose from any of the included standard templates. After the template(s) are designed the editing function is locked by password.

The lab tech then scans the 2D bar code printed on the vial, tissue cassette or other container. Information contained in the bar code is automatically populated on the slide. Any additional information can be entered via the keyboard or touch-screen PC. The number of slides that have been ordered for that study are then automatically printed.

Printing only the slides you need, when and where you need them, helps avoid potentially serious patient safety errors. 

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