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Heated forceps eCep

Category: Heated Forceps

Heated forceps with temperature control to perform easily and safely embedding and handling operations.


Key product features

  • Control unit and power supply connection for two forceps

  • No carryover contamination

  • Hot only at the tip

  • Forceps also ready for connection to the dispenser units of our tissue embedding systems TES 99 and TES Valida

Product specifications

The eCep heated forceps allows to perform embedding operations and handling of histological samples in paraffin without carryover contamination. The temperature ranges between 65° C to 75° C, eliminating effectively overheating and resulting tissue damage. The control unit heats the forceps only at the tip.

The system is composed by the following modules:

  • 1 control unit 115/230 V

  • 1 heated forceps

  • 1 Euro power line

Complete System is available in different versions:

  • including 0.5 mm forceps

  • including 1 mm forceps

  • including 2 mm forceps

  • including 4 mm forceps

The components are also available apart:

  • 0.5 mm forceps

  • 1 mm forceps

  • 2 mm forceps

  • 4 mm forceps

  • control unit

Technical data

Casing dimensions only (W / D / H): 123 x 162 x 57 mm

Weight:1100 g

Power supply: 115/230 V / 50/60 Hz

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