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SpeedVac™ DNA130

SpeedVac™ DNA130


• Proven Reliability

-With over 50 years of high-quality vacuum concentrators, you can feel confident the Savant SpeedVac family of products will help deliver the reproducible results you depend on.

• Compact, Easy To Use Design

-Only 29 cm (11.5 in) wide – freeing up valuable bench space.

-Create and save up to three user-defined methods for faster operation.

• Safety Assurance

-External post trap neutralizes ammonium hydroxide vapors.

-For concentrating radioactive samples, an optional radioactive chemical trap kit can be used to minimize concerns in handling hazardous fumes and chemicals.

-Lid lock illuminates when lid is closed and locked.

• Sample Integrity

-DNA/RNA samples require careful handling during thedenaturing process.

-Dry at ambient temperatures or at very low heat to ensure maximum sample protection.

-Data integrity and transfer ability to download data froma USB port.